Bracken is a literary magazine born of the love of the woods and its shadows. Bracken is green and lush, coarse and delicate, drinks from the earth, and spreads underground, more root than frond. Bracken is understory, invades, takes over, shades and protects. We seek poetry, short fiction, and art that will root, tender and tough, in us. 

Before you submit, please familiarize yourself with what we publish by reading our past issues. To find out what our editors want, read the interviews with Alina Rios and Jed Myers (part 1 and part 2) . 

We support diversity and welcome work by and about individuals of all ages, classes, disabilities, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations. 

Bracken purchases first North American and electronic serial rights. Each story or poem we acquire will be published on in an electronic issue. We may also excerpt stories and poems for promotional purposes. The author retains all other rights.

Simultaneous submissions are considered. We just ask that you let us know promptly if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. For a poetry submission, to withdraw individual poems, leave us a note in Submittable. To withdraw all poems in a submission, withdraw the submission. 

We don't publish reprints.

We aim to respond within 30 days, but life often intervenes. If you haven't heard from us in two months, please query by sending email to

Hopelings are birds that live in the middle of your chest and feel things most acutely. Hopelings are migratory birds and travel regularly to Hope, no matter the distance. Corona hopelings are a mutated species of hopelings born out of response to coronavirus.

Send us your Corona Hopelings in the following formats:

  • words: fiction/non-fiction/poetry/monologues; 2 pages max
  • visual art: 1-3 images
  • audio: music or spoken word; 3 minutes max
  • video: dance, spoken word, music, surprise us; 3 minutes max
  • a combination of the above

We’ll publish a few pieces each week building out the Corona Hopelings issue of Bracken


  • free to submit
  • one submission per person
  • include everything you want us to see in one submission (ex: video and words)
  • for fiction/non-fiction/poetry, submit only unpublished work
  • original work only (you are the creator) 
  • rolling subs, no deadline; we hope to publish first pieces next week
  • we’re sorry, we cannot afford to pay you. we’re getting no funding and are doing this simply to help uplift the spirits. 

We're seeking lyrical fiction with a strong emotional core, in which the natural world is present in setting and/or in essence. 

Starting with Issue VII, we accept fiction through the pitch process. Please send us an excerpt of 300 words or less, accompanied by a brief cover letter.

Please note that you will hear from us only if we decide to move forward with your piece.

We'll be looking to publish pieces that are:

  • 2,500 words or fewer
  • original and unpublished
  • not multiple submissions

Payment: we pay $0.04/word, with a minimum payment of $50

We consider any style of poetry, although we confess our bias toward the lyrical. We look for natural-world, and especially arboreal, elements in the poems we receive.

Send us poems through which we rediscover our own nature in the whole of nature—poems that slip in under our skin and change the light in the room.


  • up to 4 poems per submission in a single document
  • no longer than 100 lines per poem (we prefer shorter pieces)
  • original and unpublished
  • no multiple submissions
  • simultaneous submissions are okay (to withdraw individual poems from your submission, leave us a note in the Submittable)

Payment: we pay $15/poem

We would love to feature your art on the cover of Bracken or to accompany fiction and poetry pieces. Your artwork should fit our visual and content aesthetic.

Bracken Magazine